Canon EOS-1D Mark II N DSLR Camera


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DSLR Camera in used but functional condition. Includes original box and documents, charger and cables, and additional battery.

-8.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints

-2.5-inch, 230,000-pixel poly-silicon LCD display with 170-degree angle of view, both vertically and horizontally

-48-frame burst in JPEG and 22-frame burst in RAW

-Customizable in-camera file names--particularly useful for agencies and photo libraries -Captures images on CF or SD cards


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The EOS-1D Mark II N is an upgrade of the award-winning EOS-1D Mark II. Still featuring 8.2-megapixel performance at 8.5 frames per second, the upgraded camera has a higher performance buffer to deliver a 48 frame burst in JPEG and 22 frame burst in RAW. LCD monitor size increases from 2.0 inches to 2.5 inches, and dual CF and SD memory card slots provide for separate RAW and JPEG recording. Color Matrix and parameter settings are replaced with Canon's new Picture Style--6 pre-sets that simplify in-camera control over image optimization and processing.

Exceptional image quality is assured with an APS-H size (28.7 x 19.1 millimeters) CMOS sensor and high performance DIGIC II processor. The EOS-1D Mark II N also features 45-point Auto Focus and a start-up time of 0.2 seconds. Its wide 100-1600 ISO speed range is expandable to L:50 and H:3200.

First choice of professional agencies
Launched in January 2004, the EOS-1D Mark II fast became Europe's best selling professional D-SLR camera. It secured the major share of sports and photojournalism worldwide, with the world's leading wire agencies such as Reuters, Getty Images, and AFP choosing Canon professional products for their photographers.

New screen
For improved image review and menu readability, the EOS-1D Mark II N is fitted with a larger, brighter 2.5-inch 230K pixel poly-silicon TFT LCD monitor, giving photographers a significantly larger viewing area. The improved screen has twice the number of backlighting LEDs so that it retains brightness and visibility throughout a wide 170-degree angle of view, both vertically and horizontally. This makes it easy to view images when camera is mounted in a fixed position. With image playback, the magnified view can now be viewed straightaway on any selected AF point, and magnification is possible during the quick review immediately after image capture.

Meeting photographers' needs, listening to the market
The EOS-1D Mark II N incorporates a host of improvements to enhance performance, operation and speed. To prevent shooting disruption, new folders are now automatically created when image number 9999 is reached in the current folder. A new memory card selection short cut makes it fast and easy to switch between card slots when choosing recording location. A Low Level Format option executes secure and permanent deletion of SD card data and increases SD card write speeds.

When shooting RAW and JPEG simultaneously, images can now be recorded separately onto a different memory card (CF or SD). In-camera file names are now customizable: Users can decide the first four characters of the filename and the camera will append the 4 digit image number--a feature particularly useful for agencies and photo libraries dealing with memory cards from multiple photographers.

Ready-to-use images as standard
New Picture Style pre-sets simplify in-camera control over image quality. The camera's factory default configuration delivers more immediately usable JPEG images without need for additional menu settings. Picture Style pre-sets can be likened to different film types--each one offering a different color response. Within each easily selectable pre-set, photographers have control over sharpness, contrast, color tone, and saturation.

The pre-sets include:

  • Standard--for crisp, vivid images that don't require post-processing;
  • Portrait--optimizes color tone and saturation and weakens sharpening to achieve attractive skin tones;
  • Landscape--for punchier greens and blues with stronger sharpening to give a crisp edge to mountain, tree, and building outlines;
  • Neutral--ideal for post-processing;
  • Faithful--adjusts color to match the subject color when shot under a color temperature of 5200K;
  • Monochrome--for black and white shooting with a range of filter effects (yellow, orange, red, and green) and toning effects (sepia, blue, purple, and green).

Additionally, 3 user defined entries allows the possibility to create additional variations on the in-camera styles or install additional custom Picture Style files. Additional custom Picture Style files may be downloaded from Canon's web site.

Picture Style replaces internal image processing previously controlled by setting processing parameters and color matrix. Picture Style is also supported by the supplied Digital Photo Professional and RAW Image Task software.

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