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H16 REFLEX PAILLARD BOLEX in mint condition.


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The H-16 Reflex incorporated several new designs to the Bolex H camera. A system of ten optical prisms was utilized in a new viewing system, allowing through-the-lens framing and focusing. Unlike other reflex cameras, the Bolex reflex used a semi-reflecting prism located behind the lens and in front of the shutter. The advantage was flicker-free viewing during filming. However, the disadvantage of the system was a slight loss of light diverted by the reflecting prism (approximately 25%).

The Bolex H-16 Reflex was also designed with a 20% more powerful motor than earlier models. On a full wind, it was possible to run the camera for 40 seconds at 16 frames per second. 

The camera could accept three C-mount lenses (1 inch thread diameter). However, the glass of the reflex prism between the lens and film plane affected the optical correction of focal length lenses equal to or less than 50mm. To solve this problem, Kern introduced a line of "RX" mount lenses which were distinguishable by red letters engraved on the front of the barrel. (More on RX and standard C mount lenses.)

It was still possible to use standard C-mount lenses of 50mm or less, but for best results it was recommended they be stopped down to at least f/5.6. However, it was later suggested that non-RX lenses of 50mm focal lengths and less would likely produce satisfactory results only when stopped down to f/8 or smaller.

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