Kinoptik Paris Tegea 5.7mm 1.8 Cine Lens


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Kinoptik Paris Tegea 5.7mm 1.8 Cine Lens.

Lens in fantastic condition, includes front and end lens caps. No scratches or fungus on lens. This is a C-mount lens.


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Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm F1.8 is a very unique lens. It’s the widest non-fisheye lens that covers Super16, regular 16 film cameras and BMPCC with Super 16 sensor(HD), this lens is still very usable on a number of modern cameras including BMPCC & Digital Bolex as well as a growing number of cameras with Super16 crop modes. In case of some cameras like RED EPIC, which crops into the picture when you want to use the highest frame rate, using a lens like Kinoptik 5.7mm is the only way to get wide shots while shooting in slow motion mode.

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