Sekonic L-508 Zoom Master External Light Meter


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Sekonic L-508 Zoom Master External Light Meter. This light meter is in near mint condition, it also includes a nice black Sekonic carrying case.


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The L-508 is a zoom spot meter that measures both reflected ambient and reflected flash, as well as mixed lighting. It can be switched from incident to spot instantly and effortlessly. The unique zoom spot viewfinder is parallax-free and can be zoomed to the ideal measuring angle anywhere from 1° to 4° for any subject area or distance, without being restricted to a single narrow angle. The built-in zoom spot feature eliminates the need for an additional, single angle spot meter, or costly and bulky spot attachments. The L-508's zoom spot feature is ideal for measuring distant objects, highly reflective surfaces, extreme contrast scenes, backlighting situations, or specialized applications including the Zone System.

The sealed, 9-element optical zoom viewfinder operates with a simple touch and accepts standard Nikon brand eyepiece diopters for eyeglass wearers. The L-508 is also a full-function incident meter for ambient, flash or mixed light measurement. It features a 270° swivel head and built-in retractable incident lumisphere - a Sekonic exclusive. Incident measurement allows the photographer to read the light falling on the subject, without being mislead by the subject's color or reflectance.

The 270° swivel head permits ideal positioning of the retractable lumisphere allowing the photographer constant viewing of the large, easy to read digital display panel from any angle. The retractable, dual position function eliminates the need for interchangeable spherical and flat incident diffusers. In extended position, the lumisphere gives accurate incident measurement of normal scenes and lighting. In recessed position, the lumisphere acts as a flat diffuser and is used for directional, selective measurement and comparison/control of shadow and highlight areas for determination of brightness range or lighting ratio, or measurement of flat surfaces for copy work.

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