Sony Loop Dual Capstan TC-758


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Sony Loop Dual Capstan TC-758.  Closed-loop, auto-reverse (record and playback) quarter-track recorder with Sony’s ‘roto bi-lateral’ head design giving three head functionality in each direction. Ferrite & Ferrite heads were used, other features included three motors, 10½ ” reel capacity, two speeds (7½ ips and 3¾ ips) and mic/line mixing.
Frequency response at 7½ ips was 30Hz – 20khz using standard tape and 30Hz – 25khz with SLH tape. Thanks to a flutter-filtering belt drive on the capstan, wow & flutter was extremely low, being 0.05% at 7½ ips and 0.08% at 3¾ ips.


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