Super 8

General Tips from Kodak:

Hold the camera steady. Use a tripod whenever possible. One of the largest factors contributing to professional-quality pictures is steadiness.Remember that Super 8, with its small frame is a "close-up" medium. There is a limit to the amount of detail that the Super 8 frame can capture when compared to larger film formats, and the comparatively small screen poses some limitations, too. Often the most effective images are those shot at medium and close-range. Be sure that your camera's batteries are fresh to ensure proper operation of the motor and built-in meter. If your camera has a "zoom" lens, use it sparingly. When shooting interiors with limited light and high-speed film, consider the use of a small "fill light", even if your camera's meter indicated that you have sufficient light for an exposure. This will add depth and detail to your pictures.

Process your film promptly after exposure. Most Super 8 film requires processing by independent laboratories. Contact your local photo dealer or your Kodak representative for a list of laboratories in your area.