Sell Your Photo, Cine, Audio, Video and other Vintage Gear!

We're interested in buying your used and new photo, cine, audio, video, and other vintage equipment. We will pay your reasonable asking price. Please call us at 514-844-1441, or email us at You may bring in your equipment for cash or exchange to our store, or ask us to make a house call to check out your equipement.

We buy 35mm SLRs, 35mm Range Finders, Medium and Large Format cameras, Super8 and 16mm Cine cameras, various lenses and many different accessories. We buy brands such as: Leica, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Zeiss, Linhof, Deardorf, Wista, Toyo, Omega, Graflex, Zeiss, Mamiya, Bronica, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Contax, Olympus, Sony, Bolex, Switar, Angenieux, Arriflex, Beaulieau, Neumann, AKG, Choeps, Nagra and much more.