SQN-4s II Portable Audio Mixer


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SQN-4s II Professional Portable Audio Mixer


Power: 8xAA Batteries or external battery

The SQN-4S has been the unrivalled Industry standard portable audio mixer since it was the first to arrive on the scene back in 1984.
4S View
The new SERIES IV is the culmination of an extensive development programme to ensure that the SQN-4S remains at the forefront of location sound technology. Extending the control panel to include all the required functions on one face of the mixer has made it even easier to use than before.
4S Front Panel
Newly designed tranformerless input amplifiers, larger output transformers for low distortion bass, virtually unbreakable analogue level meters, pre-fade listening, slating microphone, logic processing of many switching functions leading to a minimal length audio path, optional feed for four output channels and improved filtering and screening have all contributed to making it a welcome successor to its illustrious forbears.
4S Baseplate
The essential information for connecting to and operating the mixer is permanently printed on the baseplate.

Unit provided from Swedish broadcasting television. 

    in excellent condition.


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