FUJICA ST801 35mm SLR camera with 55mm and 135mm lenses


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FUJICA ST801 35mm camera with 55mm f1.8 FUJINON EBC Lens and 135mm f2.8 OPTICAM lens and black vintage camera case and original camera manual. Camera in very good condition, fully functional. Lenses are also in very good condition, no scratches or fungus.


Note: Images of our inventory stock, you'll receive the same or a similar one with a different serial number all in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.

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The Fujica ST801 is a manual SLR 35mm film camera made by Fuji between 1972 and 1978. It was the first 35mm SLR to use viewfinder LEDs, replacing the traditional centre-the-needle meter display with a centre-the-indicator-light system. This electronic light metering system was developed to eliminate mechanical failure, and needle deviation caused by shocks. This camera uses an M42 mount.


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