Linhof Technika 70


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Linhof Technika 70. Camera in great condition, with no scratches, mold or fungus. 
The Linhof Technika 70 is a 6x7 medium format technical press camera that was originally designed for news, fashion, press and sports photography. It is billed as a "universal" camera that can meet any need of a demanding professional photographer. Like large format press cameras, the Technika 70 features a front lens standard focused via a bellows system. Lenses, on Technika lens boards, can be easily and quickly swapped out. Composition and critical focusing is done either via a ground glass back or via the camera's large combined rangefinder/viewfinder. The Technika 70 has a geared front rise, as well as center axis tilt both forward and backward. There is also a front shift but the camera lacks swing. At the rear of the camera a rotating film back can accept either sheet film holders or roll film holder. The Technika 70 also has rear bellows extension.


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