Schneider-Kreuznach PC-TS Makro-Symmar 90mm f/4.5 Lens


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Schneider PC-TS Makro-Symmar 90mm F/4.5 lens. Includes front and end cap. Lens in great condition, with no scratches, mold or fungus. brand new, unused, open box. Nikon F-Mount. 

The Schneider PC-TS Makro-Symmar 90mm f/4.5 Lens gives you the same types of controls used by large format cameras to control perspective, but for your Canon EOS/Nikon/Sony Alpha camera. There's both a parallel shift to reduce or eliminate converging lines or perspective distortion ("keystone correction") and a swinging or tilting of the lens according to Scheimpflug's rule to better utilize depth of field (DOF) without an increase in diffraction from stopping down the aperture further and reducing sharpness.

Parallel shift and lens swing or tilt can be carried out independently of one another in any desired direction (vertically, horizontally or obliquely) thanks to separate rotary mounts. This 90mm f/4.5 Super Angulon lens combines exceptional reproduction quality with a large 90mm image circle and excellent adjustability. The exceptionally large image circles allow for full tilt and shift movements at any position in the lens rotation with no possibility of vignetting.


Note: Images of our inventory stock, you'll receive the same or a similar one with a different serial number all in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.

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