ZEISS Contarex 35mm SLR with 50 and 135 lens kit

ZEISS Contarex

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ZEISS Contarex 35mm SLR with 50 and 135 lens kit. the front element of 50mm lens is broken, 135mm lens is nice and clean, camera is nice and functional, 2 extra back, manuals and camera case included.

Contarex is a line of 35mm single lens reflex cameras (SLRs) made by Zeiss Ikon.[1] It was first presented at Photokina in 1958 and initially scheduled for delivery in the spring of 1959, but it was not made generally available in the United States until March 1960.[2] The first model is popularly known as the Contarex I, the Bullseye, or the Cyclops, after the prominent light meter window above the lens, in front of the pentaprism.[3]: 95  The camera was aimed at the high-end and professional markets; in 1961, the retail price (including the 50 mm f/2.0 Planar.

Note: Images of our inventory stock, you'll receive the same or a similar one with a different serial number all in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.


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